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Handmade With Love

Erin learned to make amazingly potent oils & tinctures while attending a plant medicine school in Seattle. All oils are handmade with love and care. She uses a unique extraction technique that makes her oils super strong & potent. All herbs are high quality and purchased from small businesses and homesteads. 


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My 'Dream Cream' is made from potent mugwort & lavender oils to help you have more vivid dreams & meditations. It's your ticket to the astral plane. Also is a wonderful sleep aid. 


My 'Hawthorn' salve is made from hawthorn flowers and aids in heart health & cholesterol levels. Taken daily it can help prevent high BP & cholesterol levels, safely. 


My 'Leg Ease' salve helps ease the swelling and discomfort of varicose veins in the legs. It helps to heal and repair the blood vessels and veins and can reduce swelling and discomfort.  


My 'Itch Bee Gone' salve gently eases inflammation of the skin and can quickly relieve the pain and discomfort of bug bites, bee stings, rashes, razor burn & burns. 


My 'Red Clover' salve is amazing for menopausal & PMS symptoms such as moodiness, pain, hot flashes and sweating. Contains compounds that mimic estrogen to balance hormones. 

My 'Uranus' salve reduces inflammation of the veins and helps to ease the swelling & itchiness of hemorrhoids.

My 'Eczema' salve gently and safely repairs and heals eczema and other skin issues. It is soothing and quickly eases itchiness.


My ashwagandha salve is an apoptogenic herb that balances hormones and levels out cortisol and adrenaline levels to ease stress and anxiety.  It gives the body a calm and relaxed feeling. 


My 'I Am Calm' salve contains super potent oils that can safely help ease blood pressure or panic attacks within minutes. Can be used daily to prevent high BP or anxiety.


My 'Positive Thoughts' salve is made from a group of herbs that calms & relaxes the nervous system. It can help ease anxiety & restlessness and aid in sleep.


My 'Adrenal' salve contains adaptogens that naturally balance out the hormones in the body. It can help lower cortisol & adrenalin levels and ease fatigue, stress, anxiety, & weight gain. 

My 'Red Raspberry" salves & tinctures helps ease inflammation of the uterus & reproductive system. It can help ease pain related to your cycle or endometriosis & ovarian cysts.


My 'Hawthorn' tincture is super potent and can help prevent high blood pressure & high cholesterol levels when taken daily. 


My 'Lion's Mane' salve is made from homegrown lion's mane mushrooms and assists with brain function. It is known to increase memory and focus and can ease brain fog. 

My 'Red Clover' tincture is super potent and can help ease symptoms of PMS & menopause as well as give relief to bronchitis and inflammation of the lungs. 


My goldenrod tincture is amazing for allergies and sinus drainage, pressure, and itchy eyes. Great for seasonal and outdoor allergies.