Meet The Master!

Erin Musgrave

Certified Reiki Master & Herbalist

Erin Musgrave was born and raised near the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and is currently a Reiki Master, residing and practicing Reiki in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! She has an enormous love for animals, enjoys anything magical and studied plant medicine at Adiantum School of Plant Medicine in Seattle.  

At a young age, Erin was diagnosed with multiple diseases, including fibromyalgia, that had her nearly bedridden for over 7 years. After years of suffering and no help from western medicine, she stumbled upon Reiki and took a chance she’d forever be grateful for!

After taking the level 1 Reiki class and applying daily Reiki treatments on herself, she instantly noticed a significant reduction in her symptoms and pain levels. Within one month, she was off all prescription medications, virtually pain-free and starting her new journey with Reiki.

Erin became a Reiki Master and started her own Reiki healing business. She now teaches Reiki classes, to help others heal themselves of illness or disease, the way she did. Upon request, Erin teaches Reiki classes anywhere in the country or world. She also offers in-person Reiki sessions as well as long-distance sessions.

Erin would like to give hope to others that they too can heal themselves and live the life of their dreams! She brings an enthusiasm and joy to Reiki, that people are drawn to and inspired by! Start your journey, try a session or take a class!

“Reiki is the first step to endless opportunity” - E.M.

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