Attunements For Children


I offer distance Reiki attunements for children of any age, including babies. My attunements will open up your child's energy channels so that healing, powerful, Reiki energy can flow through them. Being connected to this healing energy will raise your child's vibration to a whole new level and help keep their energy clear as well as keep them healthier. Reiki energy helps your child create emotional balance so they can grow up to be loving, compassionate adults just like the beautiful crystal children they are but last and not least it will turn your child into a powerful healer capable of healing themselves whenever needed.  My attunements are quick and easy and can be done over video chat in a matter of minutes. If your child has trouble sitting still I can perform the attunement in less than 2 minutes if necessary. If you and your child are interested in an attunement please contact me through my site or on Instagram @modern_day_oracle. In-person attunements can be done in the Los Angeles area.   

Attunements $50 - includes mini Reiki session & certificate