Ceremonial Reiki Services


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Our Ceremonial Reiki Service is a unique and one of a kind experience offered for​ ​your most important and personal events such as weddings, births, and funerals. Reiki energy is healing and has a vibration equal to that of love. Erin uses this energy to bond souls together in marriage and seal their unions, while also healing the hearts of family members during times of grief and loss. She offers Reiki sessions at events and also has her amazing herbal products available for everyone to view and purchase. Allow Erin and Reiki to transform your wedding or special occasion with a fresh, unique, and beautiful service that will make sure EVERYONE will remember!


Reiki energy has a vibration equal to that of love. What better way to seal your union of love than with a Ceremonial Reiki Union. Erin performs a beautiful and unique service during the wedding ceremony that uses Reiki energy to join two souls together and seal their union with loving energy. This energy will raise your vibration to a level that will create an unbreakable bond through all your lifetimes. This service is sure to give a unique and unforgettable wedding that everyone will remember for years to come! Wedding Reiki Union Services are offered locally in Los Angeles or worldwide.


Death is a natural part of life but can bring grief and sorrow to those who experience it, including the dying. This grief can be difficult for some to manage and overcome, which is why Reiki is an amazing tool available for healing hearts. Reiki is high vibrational, healing energy and can instantaneously ease heavy hearts and give a sense of peace and joy while they might otherwise feel lost or broken. Reiki is also an amazing way to help those that are dying and need comfort and peace throughout the process. It can help ease their minds of fear and worry, and also ease any physical discomfort or pain they might be experiencing. Erin can perform Reiki for the family and friends needing comfort at funerals and help bring closure and relief to those who need it. Allow her beautiful service to heal your family's hearts and minds and give everyone the peace they deserve. Offered locally in Los Angeles or worldwide.