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Pregnancy & Birthing Service


Pregnancy can be stressful and cause anxiety, emotional buildup, or health issues such as gestational diabetes, hypertension, or postpartum depression. But it's not just moms who are affected by these conditions — babies can take on the energy of their mothers and enter the world fussy, tense, or emotional.


Reiki is an amazing way for both mothers and babies to heal from these issues or prevent them from forming in the first place. Reiki is the life force energy that runs within the body and it can be used to heal disease, pain, mental stress, and difficult emotions.


My Reiki pregnancy/birthing service helps heal the energy of mom and baby. During pregnancy, Reiki can help keep both calm and balanced by preventing anxiety, emotional buildup, and other health issues that can prove dangerous if left unaddressed. Receiving Reiki during the birthing process can ease fear, intense emotions, and pain for mom while healing the baby's energy field so the little one can transition to the outside world as calm and relaxed as possible. My service allows this entire miraculous process to flow smoothly, effortlessly, and safely from beginning to end.


I know first hand that Reiki works for pain and anxiety because it helped heal me after I was diagnosed with a serious muscle disease that kept me bedridden for more than seven years. I found no relief from Western medicine, but when I discovered Reiki I was able to rehabilitate myself. That sparked a new life's purpose for me: I have been practicing Reiki for more than five years, I'm a certified Reiki Master and licensed business owner, and I have performed sessions for hundreds of clients with amazing results.


I am dedicated to bringing this healing modality to others so they may find relief, as well. Reiki gives us a new perspective on what causes illness and how it can be healed. Through my Reiki for pregnancy/birthing services, I hope to show the world how we can make this a much safer and effective process for both mother and child.


Please contact me for more information on my services and how I can help you have the beautiful pregnancy and birth you deserve. In-person services are available in the Los Angeles area.