Meet The Master


Erin is an energy healer/teacher & herbalist currently practicing and residing in Asheville, NC. She attended 'Adiantum School of Plant Medicine' in Seattle, WA. 

Erin was born and raised near the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and has always had a love for animals, nature, plants and anything magical. 

She was diagnosed with multiple illnesses and auto-immune diseases starting at a very young age and was almost bed ridden from two muscle diseases by the age of 23. Western medicine could do nothing for her and she was almost hopeless she'd ever find help before energy work finally landed in her lap. Erin took energy healing classes to learn how to heal herself and immediately and instantaneously found relief. She was able to heal herself and then decided that she wanted to help others learn how to heal themselves the way she did and started a practice. It has now become her passion and full time business, teaching energy work classes and offering healing sessions. She is passionate about helping others that are in the shoes she was once in to understand the true cause of illness and disease and how to heal it. There is no illness or disease that is "too great" for the body to heal.

Erin now has a full time energy healing school offering both classes and sessions in the Asheville area as well as online classes and distance sessions over the phone or video. Contact her directly to sign up for a class or to schedule a session. 


"Energy work is the first step to endless opportunity" E.M